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Waalhaven O.Z. in Rotterdam

(port number 2226)

Drutenstraat 7

3087 CC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 10 473 74 00
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ROG Ship Repair

Ship repair starts with ROG Ship Repair. We keep your ships in shape!

The Port of Rotterdam is home to  ROG Ship Repair BV, one of the leading ship repair companies. This experienced repair terminal is established on a central, easy accessible location and is a recognized port facility as required by the ISPS code.Our own large repair quay and adjacent yards are daily at the disposal of sea-going vessels. 

Based on entrepreneurial spirit, and with some 30 years of hands-on experience, ROG Ship Repair BV has become one of the leading ship repair companies in the Rotterdam port area. Over the years we have serviced a wide variety of clients, and dealt with a great number of scheduled and unscheduled repair and maintenance jobs. Our expertise ranges from collision repair involving hull steel work to complete engine overhaul and maintenance and repair work on generators, pumps, winches, hydraulic systems, cranes and hatches. When we promise to deliver, we get your job done. On time. On budget. And skilfully.

If you need professional assistance than your only one call away of our engineers. And, if necessary, you can even reach us by our agents in Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, India and Singapore.

Meet us, in the Port of Rotterdam in the Waalhaven O.Z., Pier 4, Port Number 2226.

Tired of delays and long waiting times?
We understand that port time is valuable. That’s why we offer quick, safe and reliable services and craftsmanship to sea-going vessels.
Worldwide! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Always very competitive.
Our highly skilled technicians carry out repairs on board at sea, in port or on the quay. And in Rotterdam in our own Port facility.

Minor repairs, but often, major overhauls of generators and pumps, main and auxiliary engines, winches, hydraulic systems, cranes and hatches are done by our own technicians.
We have a test bench up to 20-tons available for mooring and anchor winches.
And thanks to our cooperation with Stork Gears & Services we can provide comprehensive services concerning maintenance and inspection of all kind of gearboxes.

Craftsmanship wherever you need .

Steel damage and engine repairs for sea-going vessels are the first and foremost of our activities. Repairs are carried out either in our well equipped workshop, when the ship is alongside the berth, during loading or in a dry-dock period. Berths for ship repairs are available including crane capacity.

In urgent cases we also provide flying squads and service engineers.