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Waalhaven O.Z. in Rotterdam

(port number 2226)

Drutenstraat 7

3087 CC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 10 473 74 00
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About Rotterdam Offshore

Rotterdam Offshore Group provides services (24/7) to the maritime and offshore industry. The company has a strong reputation for finding innovative solutions for complex jobs. The ideas and  activities of shareholders are complementary, so a complete portfolio can be offered to clients. 

Rotterdam Offshore Group has an open sea accessible, strategic and ISPS location in the main port of Rotterdam. 
There are lay-by facilities for (marine, sea-going and Jack Up) vessels up to 300 m length, 80 m breadth and 9.5 m draft.
Rotterdam Offshore Group offers heavy lift crane capacity and a large yard area of more than 22,000 sqm with a fully equipped workshop. 

Business services

1. De- and mobilisation: For offshore vessels such as PSV,OSV, Seismic-, Dredging-, Jack-Up Wind Turbine  Installation Vessels, (crane) barges and platforms.

2. Conversions, yard repairs or maintenance: For merchant and offshore vessels at our jetties with support of our workshop. 

3. Port and voyage repairs or maintenance: With trucks, floating and mobile equipment, all kind of projects can be executed in  the Rotterdam- and adjacent Ports or during the voyage.

4. Heavy-lift and floating cranes: Max 1400T. Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment: Used in offshore exploration such as cranes, winches.

5. Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment: Used in offshore exploration such as cranes, winches.

6. Construction work: For any kind of vessel, barge, platform in the offshore and marine industry.

7. High end On Site Mechanical Services: Alignments, vibration and 3D measurements, 3D scanning and on site machining.

8. Salvage and decommissioning: Complex and multi-disciplinary projects delivered safely and within budget.

9. Manpower supply and crew change services: Safety oriented and experienced personnel.

10. Warehousing, transport, storage and inventory control: planned space for the storage and handling of equipment and materials.

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