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Waalhaven O.Z. in Rotterdam

(port number 2226)

Drutenstraat 7

3087 CC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 10 473 74 00
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Construction work

Rotterdam Offshore Group provides twenty-four (24) hour service and specializes in the offloading and storage of production platforms and jackets.  We provide qualified skilled personal for the refurbishing of process piping and structural fabrication.   

We also offer docking services to facilitate the offloading and load out of offshore operations.   Our location on in the port of Rotterdam, west of all bridges, makes our facility ideal for this type of operations.  

Rotterdam Offshore Group is an all-round, professional partner when it comes to steel. Not only in the fields of design and production, but also maintenance and conservation. In the case of conservation, protection against corrosion, weathering and the presence of harmful substances, prevention is better than cure. 

High-quality work for the oil and offshore industry

Our proven ability to produce high-quality work to a high specification within tight schedules has enabled us to build up a client base that includes all the major oil companies, international sub-sea contractors, civil engineering, rail transport and shipping sector clients.

We have experience in supplying industry-related equipment, such as clamps, winch bases, ROV support structures, lay down cradles, cable and pipe reels, carousels, tensioners, under rollers and guillotine boots. We also design, fabricate and deliver a number of styles of offshore accommodation units and tool sheds. Numerous weld procedures and welders, qualified in carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and TIG welding, are available for both on and offshore work.

Quayside Fabrication has long understood and catered to the requirement of full traceability of materials and workmanship in an area as process-sensitive as the oil and gas industry, and they have developed computer database support systems for the production of comprehensive documentation packages.